Author of The Epic of Marindel

Author of The Epic of Marindel

Author of The Epic of MarindelAuthor of The Epic of Marindel


The Land of Peace

Armavir is the largest kingdom in the realm of Tyrizah. It was established in the year 992 AIE, unifying the former kingdoms of Armadeaux and Bjørnivir. Several decades later, former kingdoms Kirdaq and Rotenhagen were peacefully annexed by Armavir in a strategic move to deter threatening advances from kingdoms Izendor and Sunophsis. 

Armavir is best known as the first "monster-free" kingdom in the realm of Tyrizah, due to frequent expeditions by knights of the Paladin Order to slay creatures such as goblins, trolls, ents, and dragons. As of 1400 AIE, most citizens of Armavir have never encountered a monster, but may hear of them in legends or stories from travelers.

Armavir enjoyed a "Golden Age" from 1100-1300 AIE, only briefly interrupted by wars with Izendor and Sunophsis. Since then, the economy of Armavir has been in slow decline. Some say a lack of recent innovation is the reason for the slump, while kingdoms such as Felidae are rapidly ascending the ladder of technological and economic superiority.

top three most significant cities in Armavir

Cloud Summit

Known as "the crown jewel of Armaviran civilization," Cloud Summit is by far the most populous city in Armavir, and boasts a dynamic mixture of mainland culture. Its position in the central Armaviran mountains, on an island in the center of an alpine lake (which is rarely visible due to a perpetual blanket of fog), makes it difficult to access, especially during the winter. But that doesn't stop hardy, opportunistic traders and merchants, who flock to Cloud Summit in droves to sell their wares and crops. Cloud Summit is the central hub of the Paladin Order, and the location of the famous Paladin Training Academy.

Cloud Summit existed as a small mining village as long ago as 1000 BIE. In 200 BIE, because of its defensible location, it was chosen as the new capital of Armadeaux, after the original capital fell to an emerging Bothnian Empire. Cloud Summit remained safe from enemy attack until 94 IE, when it was conquered by the Tethysian Empire. Mainland forces retook Cloud Summit in 214 IE, but it did not become the capital of Armadeaux again until 2 AIE. Cloud Summit was unanimously declared the capital of Armavir upon the kingdom's foundation, again due to its defensible location. In 1142 AIE, Cloud Summit almost fell into the hands of King Sisera of Sunophsis, but due to unknown circumstances, the city was spared.

Chateau Pierre

Surrounded by lucrative farmland, the second most populous city in Armavir is the center of the kingdom's agrarian economy. Chateau Pierre is a popular trading location year-round due to its favorable weather, a huge advantage over rival city Cloud Summit. Chateau Pierre is also a major hub for Armaviran magic practitioners and alchemists. Armaviran society generally frowns upon the use of magic, but Chateau Pierre has become the exception - a haven for magicians and seekers of every kind of knowledge. Many aspiring magicians from the Chateau travel annually to the eastern kingdom of Ibadan to study magic and pursue the secrets of L'Esenzi.

Chateau Pierre made a sudden debut in the history of Tyrizah as the mainland kingdoms' last-ditch effort to resist the Tethysian Empire. The city was built within weeks by alchemists and earth mages as a haven for villagers fleeing the advance of the Empire — particularly the Kalgyrian Offensive of 152 IE. The Battle of Pierre Fields took place just outside of the city, and thanks to the Music of Marindel, resulted in a mainland victory. The outcome of the battle was a major turning point in the Imperial Era, after which the Tethysian Empire began losing ground until its official surrender to mainland forces in 234 IE. Chateau Pierre has remained safe from attack since then; however, its proximity to Izendor and the increasing complacency of the Paladin Order may cause problems for the city in the near future.


Eisenstadt is the sixth most populous city in Armavir, surpassed by Cloud Summit, Chateau Pierre, Kirdaq Citadel, Pomegranate, and Bayside Harbor, in that order. Its significance is not in its population size or its contribution to the economy, but in its role as an impenetrable fortress on the Izendoran border. Eisenstadt features the largest standing army of any city in Armavir, with some of the kingdom's greatest technological assets. The governor of Eisenstadt is certain that the armies of Izendor are crouching among the mountains like rock trolls, waiting for the right time to strike Armavir unawares — and he vows Eisenstadt will always stand ready to repel them.

Eisenstadt was founded around 400 AIE by the kingdom of Rotenhagen as a precaution in response to an Izendoran Civil War. Though the war yielded no invasion of Armavir, over the last thousand years, Eisenstadt has repelled countless Izendoran incursions. The only expeditions reported to have gotten past Eisenstadt are those which traveled through Pythoria and entered Armavir closer to Solvys Lake. So far, Eisenstadt is an undefeated city.